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Lol abbreviations

Ahhh, I was going to try and make this whole sentence in acronyms but it seems it is too difficult for myself. Also you might want to bold the. What is AOE, CC, CS means? It was first used almost exclusively on Usenet, but has since become widespread in other forms of computer-mediated communication and even face-to-face communication. An emerging list of new-age abbreviations have begun to dominate the way.

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Lol abbreviations
Abbreviations and acronyms are shortened forms of words or phrases. A study in the creation of initialisms. Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Love -or- Living On Lipitor.

Today, text and chat abbreviations are used in many online. These are all abbreviations for specific phrases commonly used in informal written computer correspondence, online. Find this Pin and more on Tumblr Posts by. IMO - In my opinion - This is a common abbreviation across the web, and. MM - MatchMaking - The system in LoL that puts your team together.

Lol abbreviations
Learn the meaning of popular Internet acronyms and slang terms, suc has lol, lmao, brb, and more! Texting, Twitter, chat and IM abbreviations and acronyms are designed to shorten Internet. There are League of Legends terms that are used in and outside the game, with some terms being used to simplify and facilitate rapid communication.

Take for example, the Internet-savvy term LOL. As a kind of insider slang, acronyms (like emoticons) enabled users to show they were. Some people speak in a foreign language made up entirely of acronyms, while others think FML might be shorthand for female. Acronyms are a natural fit for social media networks. Below are 40 of the most. Swedish abbreviation of the term Asgarv, meaning intense laughter.

It stands for: laughing out loud. More accurately, the acronym " lol " should be redefined as "Lack of laughter. LOL : Living On Lipitor. No criticism intended here, but given the international participation of people from around the.

When we treat lol as just a word rather than an acronym, it means that. Do you ever hear native speakers using acronyms like “FYI” or “AKA”? If you want to really connect with native speakers then you need to know. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED).