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Medical abbreviation ph

Abbreviation, Meaning. What does PH stand for? Define PH at AcronymFinder. Pulmonary Hypertension. Medical » Physiology.

Read medical definition of pH.

Medical abbreviation ph
The following table lists some medical abbreviations with their intended meaning. Ha, arterial blood pH. PET positron emission tomography.

PH past history pharm pharmacy. PH acronym and PH abbreviation. Comprehensive reference books of medical abbreviations are available in bookstores and libraries. See the bibliography. PH x, Past history - medical history. This alphabetical listing of medical abbreviations is intended to help you better understand commonly used abbreviations.

Medical abbreviation ph
Please note that in medical terminology, the capitalization of letters bears significance as to the meaning of. H —hydrogen ion concentration. H hydrogen ion concentration potential of hydrogen. PH definition is - a measure of acidity and alkalinity of a solution that is a number on a scale on which a value of 7. This list is not inclusive of all medical abbreviations used by the physicians and. H, Negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration. PI, Plethysmographic perfusion index. GVA, Greece Volunteer Ambulance (local abbreviation ). H, the inverse log of the hydrogen ion concentration.

Bachelor of Theology. Chronic Lung Disease. Understanding the clinical terms and abbreviations commonly used during verbal or written communication in. Others, such as caregivers and medical interpreters, who wish to develop a better understanding of. Psychiatric Emergency Service.

Perinatal Environmental Scan ph. The benefits of college degrees, be it associate, B. D level, have been touted and. These pages contain the abbreviations, full titles, and links to some WWW pages for a large variety of biological and medical journals.