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What is erythromycin prescribed for

It may also be used to prevent certain bacterial infections. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. Includes erythromycin side effects, interactions and indications. This includes respiratory tract infections, skin infections, chlamydia infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and syphilis. It is also used to treat diphtheria, acute pelvic inflammatory disease. Some types of infections it is used for. Your child needs to take the medicine called erythromycin. Antibiotics are used to treat or prevent certain types of infections caused by germs.

The drug is prescribed for. Eryc, and Pediamycin, is an antibiotic. It is used to treat infections caused by certain types of. You should not use erythromycin ophthalmic if you are allergic to it, or if you have a viral or fungal infection in your eye. This medication is used to only treat.

Cream or solution, 2% Capsule or tablet, 250 mg (as stearate or ethyl succinate). What is erythromycin ? Erythrocin is used to prevent and treat. Learn how it works and order a treatment or test online. When oral medication is given, the importance of strict adherence by the patient to the prescribed. Penicillin has advantages over erythromycin in that it kills.

Oral erythromycin is sometimes used to treat inflammatory acne. Is it the right treatment for you? Find out how it works and its possible side. It can be given intravenously and orally.

MAYNE PHARMA ERYTHROMYCIN is indicated in children and adults for the treatment of the following conditions: Upper respiratory tract. If you have a penicillin allergy, your doctor may prescribe erythromycin. E-Mycin ( erythromycin ethyl succinate) is used to treat certain bacterial infections.